BTN Refuges

BTN Refuges When the Vietnams when out to sea the fifth day they had two pirate attacks. A few day latter a German ship showed by and rescued them and

100 WC Hard beautiful brown worried camera.

100 WC Hard beautiful brown worried camera   One day I went to Paris to see the Eiffel tower, when we went there I bran my Hard brown camera. When

Australia BTN   In 1860 there were only 6 colones. On July the 9th great Britten agreed to let the colones go. January the 1st 1901 federation happened and the

100 word challenge …but how could something so tiny…

  One day I was happily playing tag at a glorious park. Suddenly I saw a bee’s nest thinking that it was an empty birds nest I slowly when to

BTN Goldfields

    BTN GOLDFIELDS If you didn’t have a license to go in the cave you would go to jail. It was better to go in bigger groups in the

So that is why i am always last

  Every week on a Friday we have a school race. Every time we race, I always come last because my shoe laces come undone and then I trip. Once


One day Sads and Thomsen stole a place from history but Sads and Thomsen thought they were stealing cloths. The weird thing about them was they stole the place from

100 WC the Hand

100 WC the Hand I was strolling around the park when I saw a hand pop out of the soil it was so weird because the hand was pulling down

camp reflection

  On the first day of camp when we arrived all we wanted to know was where our cabins were and who was in our group. As soon as we

100 word challenge

100 Word challenge   I was gingerly walking along the magical path, when I discovered the bright yellow bees while they were collecting pollen. However, the flowers  had no pollen.

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