100wc … Then suddenly it went dark…

… Then suddenly it went dark…


MY GOAL: My goal for this 100wc is to write this very descriptive and I also want it to have onomatopoeia so it can sound awesome.



BOOM CRASH SMASH! STOP! You’re going to brake the light in to 1000 pieces. Mum jake keeps on throwing my toy car next to the light and he told me he is going to smash it. Mum is so annoying she told me to go back down there and get him so I went down. Jake stop throwing that. CRASH! Then suddenly it went dark the toy car just hit the light. Jake what’s that at the window smash the window…






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  1. This was a well structured piece although i think that you could have added another situation in this story then just the toy car.
    Good Work

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