1st fact: one of the facts I found interesting is that electricity can run through your body and go where ever u want it to. Here’s proof why when get on a trampoline and your hair goes up and you can sap people that is because electricity goes down your body try it yourself.

2nd fact: Electricity/ power lines send signal to machines like a W-I-F-I box at your house.


3rd fact: a horxspie is a machine that generates electricity that can go down

Your body like

I was talking about in the

First paragraph.


1st understanding: I know understand what a horxspie is. It is a machine that can generate electricity.


2nd understanding: I know also understand that anything that reacts to electricity can stick to you if you use a horxspie.


Question: why did the owner of the machine test it on a orphan not him.




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