coding reflection

Coding reflection

In term 4 Aaliyah, Abraham and I all worked on a project that helped people lose weight by creating a project that made it fun to exercise.

Defining Problems and Solutions: Our project was about making running more fun by giving anyone a prize when they run 500 meters. When you would put on the foil finger it would connect to the makey makey and scratch and then it would count your steps, it would always work but on the 5/12/17 it stopped working. Half an hour had past and we still didn’t know why it stopped working but then I looked closely and I saw that there was tape covering the foil. It didn’t work because tape isn’t a conductor either then foil, foil is a conductor of electricity.


Plan and generate:  The materials we used for this project was foil, cardboard, makey makey, computer tape and paper. We used all of these materials because most of them are contactors. This is a diagram of a makey makey.

As soon as we connected the cercet to the computed it started to count your steps on scratch  and It worked. So this is a picture of our project on paper.


    on scratch when you connect the makey makey to your computer and you step on the foot pad the sprit on scratch starts to count your steps until you get to 500 steps and win a prize like water to refresh you after the 500 steps.


Create and produce: As menchend befor the only problem we had was with the tape covering the foil so it dident count the steps on scratch.


Evaluate:  Our project worked but the only thing I think we could of changed was the foil finger because it would always slip off. Instead we could of done a foil ring so it stayed on better and diddent fall off. Some feed back we got was not to put tape on the foot pad so it diddent cover the conducter and we did that.


Team work: in our team Aaliyah and abe both respected and listed to my tip they also listend to each other. All of our problem for egsamplethe tape on the finger was sorted out  carmly and carefully.



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