BTN budget taxes

BTN budget taxes Facts one: When people used to pay taxes they would pay the Pearson in charge rocks or grains. Fact 2: You have to pay more taxes if

BTN Australia day

Fact one: The first people to discover Australia was captain cook. Captain Crook sailed a boat all the way from England to Australia. Fact two: When Captain Cook was sailing

100wc ladder goldfish flew brown slowly

Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly   It was night time, I was walking through the jungle with my friends. As we stood still, all we could hear were the eagles


S.R.C   Hi my name is Evan and I’m in year 6. This year would like to become an s.r.c. member. I strongly believe that I should be part of

100wc The trees

100WC The trees It was Halloween, my friends and I caught up down at the river, next to the woods. We all got dressed into tree costumes behind the tall

BTN Democracy

The BTN I watched recently was about democracy and how it worked in ancient Greece. Fact 1: Democracy was invented by Greeks so that other countries have a ruler or

100wc we were moving very fast when

We were moving very fast when   We were moving very fast on the tarmac when suddenly the plane skidded. Meanwhile everyone was screaming their lungs out and all I

All about me

All about me   This year is my last year of primary school and then I’m off to high school next year. This year I’m turning 11 on February 6.

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