All about me

All about me


This year is my last year of primary school and then I’m off to high school next year. This year I’m turning 11 on February 6. I’m the youngest in my family. I have an older sister called Daphne who is turning 14 soon. My dad Jim is a painter and his hobby is fishing. My mum Voula helps people with their hearing and her hobby is walking.

These holidays that just when past I went to our holiday house down in St. Leonards. I also went to Apollo Bay and went on the rides at the carnival with my sister and my cousin in the nigh time.

This year I’m looking forward to learning new things and making more friends.

This year something new that I would like to try is having outdoor classes like maths. I would also like to have a class pet like a rabbit or a dog and lastly I would like crazy cash so our class can be rewarded if we work hard.

From: Evan

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  1. I liked how you talked all about your family their jobs and their hobby’s. I think you could work on making it longer next time.

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