BTN History of Australia

BTN History of voting   Fact 1: Women were only allowed to vote from 1902, but the women had to be part of the army. Any women had the right

100WC Eggs

21/3/18 100WC It was Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed and I went to my grandmother’s house to paint eggs for Greek Easter.  As soon as I arrived at

BTN Government General

GG= Government General              BTN government general Fact 1: The GG has the power to fire the Prime Minister. So this mean that the GG is more powerful than the Prime

100wc teacup

100wc Teacup I was strolling down the woods when I noticed something unusual, I saw a rusty old teacup half wedged into the grass. I walked up to the teacup

BTN government

BTN Fact 1: If our country didn’t have all of the three level of law-making our country would of probably been blown up or Destroyed by now. Fact 2: the

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