100WC Eggs



It was Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed and I went to my grandmother’s house to paint eggs for Greek Easter.  As soon as I arrived at my grandmothers house we went to buy more than 50 eggs to dip them in red pain. Once we dye the eggs, we make Greek sweet bread and put 5c in the batter for good luck. When Easter Saturday night comes, we all gather around a table and wait till it strikes 12:00am and then we crack the eggs with each other. Whose ever doesn’t brake wins


  1. Hi Evan,
    Really great 100 word challenge but i just wanted to tell you that that actually was not the prompt for this week. The prompt for this week was
    … but how did he/she get up there?…
    Really great piece of writing though.

  2. Cool 100wc! it is great to know about your culture. one thing to fix is that instead of ‘paint’ you wrote ‘pain’. I Also notice one thing that’s funny about that, it is that you said ‘pain’ and then dye, so it was like pain like painful and dye like dying! Ha! 😀 XD. Keep up the good posts.

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