100wc although they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress


Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress


I was snowboarding down Mt bulla and I looked beside me and I saw two people in the distance snowboarding too. A few seconds later, I saw an avalanche. The avalanche kept on picking up speed and the two people snowboarding next to me couldn’t out run it. Although they ran fast they were still not making enough progress to out run it. Suddenly the avalanche slowed down a little bit and then they just managed to out run it.



  1. Hi Evan,
    I really like the amount of action in this 100wc. on thing you could work on is staying in one moment at a time. there are a few ‘And then’s’ which make it a bit hard to understand. otherwise really good job.

  2. Well done Evan!
    One thing writers sometimes use in their writing is repetition. It can be used to emphasise something to help the reader realise it is important. Sometimes however, repetition can make a story seem a little boring. I wonder if you can think of a different phrase to use in your text rather than repeating “out run it”

    PS it is really annoying the way your blog puts capital letters everywhere. We will have to try to get that fixed!

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