BTN Pakistan

BTN Pakistan Fact 1: The flood in Pakistan has effected 20 million people and has killed over 1000 people. Pakistan has to re build most of their homes and they

100wc Lost in the Forest

100wc Lost in the Forest I was stranded in the middle of the forest. I could feel myself getting hungrier. I slowly sat down, as I lent my head back,

100wc ‘But i didn’t understand the instructions’

100WC ‘but I didn’t understand the instructions’ I was at school, about to take a Naplan test. I could feel chills running down my spine. For some reason my brain

BTN is Africa splitting into two?

BTN Is Africa splitting into two? Fact 1: Scientist believe that Africa is splitting into two. Scientist believe that in around 10 million years Africa will split into two. Fact

Webinar Reflection

Today we had a webinar in the library. Today we were learning what to do when a virus comes onto your computer. Firstly you will know if its a virus

100wc Night Zoo

I decided to join the night zoo tour. Suddenly I couldn’t hear the night keeper’s voice any more. I was looking around for the zoo keeper but all I could


Fact 1: Hawaiin citizens are running for their lives. There have been volcanic gasses all over the air.   Fact2: The lava from the volcano has destroyed over 26 houses.

100wc ‘when did it arrive i said’

100wc ‘when did it arrive I said’ Finally the time has come, the end of the day, I’ve been waiting to go home. 3,2,1 The bell just went and I

BTN Natural disasters

Fact 1: A few days ago Darwin has been battling a lot of natural disasters. For example the other day in Darwin there was a tropical cyclone, the cyclone blew


100WC I was going for a stroll down the park when I suddenly dropped down a hole. 10 sec later I was at this very misty grave yard. As I

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