BTN is Africa splitting into two?

BTN Is Africa splitting into two?

Fact 1: Scientist believe that Africa is splitting into two. Scientist believe that in around 10 million years Africa will split into two.

Fact 2: The reason that is causing Africa to split is the movement coming from the tectonic plates. When tectonic plates collide they cause friction which then leads than to landslides, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. It will also cause land to erode.

Fact 3: The cracks in the earth/Africa first became exposed after a heavy rainfall. The cracking caused hospitals and hospital walls to collapse. It also flooded the whole neighbourhood and closed off highways.


Question 1: will Africa become two different countries?

Question 2: When did the cracking start?

Understanding: I now understand that if the tectonics plates keep on moving Africa will split into two.



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