100wc But what color should it be?

But what color should it be? 100WC


I was waiting at the bus stop to catch the bust to go home. Minutes later my mum calls me and tells me this massive surprise. I start to freak out because my parents bought a new Private Jet. I was so excited because my mum asked me what color it should be. After I finished talking to my mum I talk to my sister and tell her the exciting news. I told her that we get to pick the color. I ask her ‘but what color should it be’ my sister says I don’t know. Bye I need to go my bus I here.





  1. Hi Evan
    I thought that the idea of the story was well planned out and it was very good, there was a spelling error in there witch was -‘the bust’ but i also thought that it was cool that you wrote it in present tense and i really liked it!
    – Hanna

  2. Wow Evan!
    what a great post!
    But I found some mistakes:
    1. agreeing with hanna “bust”
    2. last sentence you said ” my bus i here” I think you were going to say “my bus IS here”
    3. last but not least, you said your Parents bought you a Private jet, how do you get to choose the colour when it’s already bought?!

    -joel 🙂

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