100wc …so, what lies ahead of…

…so, what lies ahead of… 100wc   One day I went to my cousin’s house and he told me he wanted me to see something so I followed him. When


BTN ELECTRICITY   1st fact: one of the facts I found interesting is that electricity can run through your body and go where ever u want it to. Here’s proof

100wc shoe

    100wc the shoe   One day there was a couple two friends walking and they heard a dinosaur yell so they started to run then it started to

100wc … Then suddenly it went dark…

… Then suddenly it went dark…   MY GOAL: My goal for this 100wc is to write this very descriptive and I also want it to have onomatopoeia so it

100wc …As it came rushing towards us we…

100wc… As it came rushing towards us we…   One day my family and I went to Bora Bora for 10 weeks. 3, 2, 1 and lift off. Once the

100wc the odd seal

100wc the odd seal   One day I went on a seal tour with a boat. When I was on the boat I saw seals but something was a bit


Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin     One day I went to my grandma’s house and sat on the couch. But then I felt

… when all of a sudden…

…WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN…   One day I was walking down a park and I saw a massive enormous worm pop out of the grass I thought it was

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