100WC The escaped horses

100wc The escaped horses.   One day my family and I went to a play park and went on a horse ride. When we were on the fake horses my

Prickly pear cactus: In term two our topic was about adaptations and animals that live in the desert and how they adapt to the desert. Then close to the end

100wc lime, over bored,excitedly,clock, rat

100WC (Lime, overboard, excitedly, clock,rat.)   One day I went on a boat ride. When I sat down I saw a lime next to me. Once I saw the lime

100 WC THE EGG   One day 3 workers went to fix a broken chocolate egg but it was hard to work with because the workers were small and the

…In the flash of lightning I saw…   One day I went to the park with my sister my cousin and I. When we arrived at the park it started

BTN Weedy see dragons

BTN weedy see dragons   Weedy see dragons are native Australia and they are found in the south and east coast. They blend in with kelp this helps them not

BTN Tassie devils

BTN Tassie devils   A few years ago there was a disease going around for Tassie devils this is bad for the future. Tassie devils have a problem with their

100WC Hand with hamburger

100wc hand with hamburger     One day I went to buy a hot hamburger from MacDonald’s so I bought one. Ones I bought one I sat down and unwrapped

I found out about crocodiles that they defend them self by there spikes on there back because other animals don’t like its spikes because there to sharp. But i would

Using excel to create graphs

I chose this graph because i think that this tip of graph is clear to read.

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