100wc new dimension

100WC I was playing at the park, meanwhile there was a kid going down a slide that then disappeared. So then I decided to go down the slide. As soon

100wc although they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress

100wc Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress   I was snowboarding down Mt bulla and I looked beside me and I saw two people in

BTN the history of the alphabet

Btn The History of the alphabet   Fact 1: The alphabet came from the Mediterranean countries and then it spread to Europe. Fact 2: When the alphabet was passed on

BTN History of Australia

BTN History of voting   Fact 1: Women were only allowed to vote from 1902, but the women had to be part of the army. Any women had the right

100WC Eggs

21/3/18 100WC It was Saturday morning, I jumped out of bed and I went to my grandmother’s house to paint eggs for Greek Easter.  As soon as I arrived at

BTN Government General

GG= Government General              BTN government general Fact 1: The GG has the power to fire the Prime Minister. So this mean that the GG is more powerful than the Prime

100wc teacup

100wc Teacup I was strolling down the woods when I noticed something unusual, I saw a rusty old teacup half wedged into the grass. I walked up to the teacup

BTN government

BTN Fact 1: If our country didn’t have all of the three level of law-making our country would of probably been blown up or Destroyed by now. Fact 2: the

BTN budget taxes

BTN budget taxes Facts one: When people used to pay taxes they would pay the Pearson in charge rocks or grains. Fact 2: You have to pay more taxes if

BTN Australia day

Fact one: The first people to discover Australia was captain cook. Captain Crook sailed a boat all the way from England to Australia. Fact two: When Captain Cook was sailing

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