100wc Night Zoo

I decided to join the night zoo tour. Suddenly I couldn’t hear the night keeper’s voice any more. I was looking around for the zoo keeper but all I could


Fact 1: Hawaiin citizens are running for their lives. There have been volcanic gasses all over the air.   Fact2: The lava from the volcano has destroyed over 26 houses.

100wc ‘when did it arrive i said’

100wc ‘when did it arrive I said’ Finally the time has come, the end of the day, I’ve been waiting to go home. 3,2,1 The bell just went and I

BTN Natural disasters

Fact 1: A few days ago Darwin has been battling a lot of natural disasters. For example the other day in Darwin there was a tropical cyclone, the cyclone blew


100WC I was going for a stroll down the park when I suddenly dropped down a hole. 10 sec later I was at this very misty grave yard. As I

BTN The fring of fire

BTN The ring of fire Fact 1: One the 29th of September 2009 there was a massive earthquake that happened in Samoa. The next day there was another earthquake in

btn anzac

Btn Anzac Fact 1: World war one took place in Gallipoli 1915. Anzac day was not a public holiday in Australia until 1921. Fact 2: There were over 60 000

100wc new dimension

100WC I was playing at the park, meanwhile there was a kid going down a slide that then disappeared. So then I decided to go down the slide. As soon

100wc although they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress

100wc Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress   I was snowboarding down Mt bulla and I looked beside me and I saw two people in

BTN the history of the alphabet

Btn The History of the alphabet   Fact 1: The alphabet came from the Mediterranean countries and then it spread to Europe. Fact 2: When the alphabet was passed on

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