100WC Hand with hamburger

100wc hand with hamburger     One day I went to buy a hot hamburger from MacDonald’s so I bought one. Ones I bought one I sat down and unwrapped

I found out about crocodiles that they defend them self by there spikes on there back because other animals don’t like its spikes because there to sharp. But i would

Using excel to create graphs

I chose this graph because i think that this tip of graph is clear to read.

100WC Wide orange crocodile within collapesed

100WC Wide orange crocodile within collapsed   One day I went to a jungle for a holiday so I went. When I went I first went to a MASSIVE tree

BTN Different wastes

BTN Different waste   At some schools they sort out the waste like plastic etc into different categories like recyclables etc. There is a program that teaches kids about the

BTN Donating blood

BTN Donating blood   1 in 3 Aussies will need donated blood at one stage because some humans might need blood from cancer or a car crash. There is only

100Wc i just couldn’t eat something so…

100Wc I just couldn’t eat something so…   One day I was strolling along the park meanwhile my tummy was grumbling. So I went home to get food but when

Dragons BTN

Dragons BTN Iles dragons are one of the rarest dragon in the world. These are rare because farmers wreck there habitat. Researchers say that there population will increase.   I

The slime dropped through 100Wc

    One day I invited my friend Sam over to do an experiment. I wanted to make a chemical reaction so when Sam came we started first we added

BTN Planets

BTN Planets   There was ones nine planets but then scientist said that Pluto shouldn’t be included in the nine planets of our solar system. Pluto was at the very

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