Fact 3: In coding u can make any game u want.  You can also customize your own game to whatever you want.   Fact 2: Coding is useful for the

100wc but where would we hide it all?

100wc but where would we hide it all?   One day I was walking down the street and I said to myself is that a pile of junk on the

100wc horrifying ghost

100wc the horrifying ghost   Ding, dong, dang, as the clock tower struck 11 o’clock I said there is only one more hour till ‘GHOST HOUR’. Of course nobody believed

flame , swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

Flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow   I was strolling on the rocky road while the pavement was being poured into its mould for the ground. But when I was walking a massive flame

100wc as the door slammed, i knew

100wc      as the door slammed, I knew     One day I went to my friend’s house to go trick or treating. As soon as my friend’s and I got


Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away.    One day my sister and I went swimming and we saw a pirate ship so we climbed

100wc …so, what lies ahead of…

…so, what lies ahead of… 100wc   One day I went to my cousin’s house and he told me he wanted me to see something so I followed him. When


BTN ELECTRICITY   1st fact: one of the facts I found interesting is that electricity can run through your body and go where ever u want it to. Here’s proof

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