camp reflection

  On the first day of camp when we arrived all we wanted to know was where our cabins were and who was in our group. As soon as we

100 word challenge

100 Word challenge   I was gingerly walking along the magical path, when I discovered the bright yellow bees while they were collecting pollen. However, the flowers  had no pollen.

BTN First Fleet and the aboriginals

In 1787 the English people left Portsmouth and arrived in Australia 7 years later. When the English arrived at Australia the aboriginals tried to get rid of them but the


I strongly believe that i should be part of s.r.c. Firstly i would like to try to use every body’s idea how ever big or small. Secondly i would like


Junk food is very unhealthy, especially for kids aged 9 to 10 because there is to much salt to much sugar and not enough healthily food  like eggs, meat and

Safer Internet Day Webinar Response

Today we did a Webinar with the rest of Victoria for Safer Internet Day. It talked about how to be safe online and making sure you keep your information private.

First post of 2017

Dear readers, My name is Evan. I am ten years old and I’m in year five, my teacher for this year is Libby. My favourite hobby is swimming. I also

BTN sun cancer

The sun causes damage to the skin of people. It also lets off an invisible energy that is ultraviolet and that no-one can see. This light penetrates the skin sells

1.I need to be more officiant in my writing and to be more creative when it comes to personal writing.   2.I need to listen more when the teacher or

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